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No time to tweet? Tweetlater

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By GAHLORD DEWALD One of the common concerns I hear when discussing Twitter is how to keep up. As if we all didn't already have full-time jobs, now we're supposed to be constantly updating the universe about what we're doing. Constant Twittering can disrupt a day and lead to lost productivity. But there is a way to make use of Twitter while maintaining your sanity. Please keep in mind that this technique will not increase your direct engagement with your audience: There's not a lot of back and forth conversation. So you'll still need to log in now and then and interact with people if you want to get the full power of Twitter. Objective: Develop relevance with an audience on Twitter without having to spend every waking hour monitoring and thinking up new things to tweet about. Establishing an editorial calendar Some media organizations decide what they're going to publish weeks and months in advance. They know that their readers are going to be interested in summer activitie...