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Post-it notes and the ‘un-conference’

Realtor Notebook

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The first ReBarCamp was held in San Francisco last summer, the day before the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference. The idea is the brainchild of Andy Kaufman, a Realtor in Berkeley, Calif., who has become the go-to person for ReBarCamp organizers nationwide. There is an official ReBarCamp blog with a list of upcoming events and a place to sign up. The ReBarCamp is a kind of "un-conference," and on the surface it looks chaotic. There are no speakers per se, or planned schedule, and admission is free. Event organizers find sponsors who will pay the bills. Lunch is almost always included, along with a T-shirt and name badge. At the beginning of the event there is a wall in the hallway and a stack of Post-it notes. Usually there are several rooms for each time slot so that more than one session can take place at the same time. People wishing to lead a session write the name of the session on the Post-it note and put it on the wall under a time slot and room n...