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The social media epiphany

The Davison Files

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Since I don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I hear that posting reviews in eateries is now prevalent, I snapped a photo of a Yelp reviews sign in the window prior to entering Damon and Pythias in Calabasas, Calif., on my way home from a week's worth of meetings with brokers throughout the state. It got me thinking. I don't buy it As a part of an analysis we offer brokers -- drilling down into their systems, Web sites, marketing, technology, vendors, etc. -- we spend time with their agents, attempting to gain a deeper understanding of the broker brand and what it means from their perspective. Through this exchange I also gain insight into their understanding of social media. Out of the 400 agents I spoke with last week, only 18 dabbled in social media. Out of those 18, only three do it right. If you are Gabe Filkey, doing it right means using it to market himself, attract new customers and sell homes. Three out of 400. Wow. Something's not clicking for me...