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HOA defaults ruin resale values

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Q: Times are tough. I work for my state, which has budget problems and is requiring me to take one day per pay period off work -- for no pay. I'm barely keeping up with my adjusting mortgage payments on my condo. Some months I struggle to pay my HOA (homeowners association) dues. What will happen if I can't keep up with them? A: If your mortgage payments have begun to adjust already, you really should talk with your lender about the possibility of a loan modification, to make ends meet a little bit easier. If you need guidance, contact a HUD-approved homeowner counseling agency such as, which will run interference with your lender at no cost to you (Well, no cost beyond your tax dollars that fund their programs!). But let's get directly to your question: What happens if you can't make your HOA payments? Mindset Management I understand that when your income goes away but your expenses stay the same, some things just can't or don't get paid. So this issue ...