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It’s time for MLS consolidation

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By AMANDA M. ADAMS Editor's note: This guest contribution was submitted as a part of an essay competition focusing on MLS issues, trends and troubles. Click here to find out more about "A new look for MLS," an Inman News editorial project that will continue through the month of June. The multiple listing service system as we know it will not be around in the near future if drastic changes are not made immediately. This may sound bad at first, but I think in 10 years when we look back we will wonder how we ever got along with the MLS system as we know it today. First of all, MLSs that are clustered in the same geographical areas need to be consolidated into larger regional MLSs or even statewide MLSs. With the current technology and local user-based customization there is no need to have the smaller MLSs. There are many areas where this is already taking place, but more needs to be done. This will be tough due to the political and financial situations that many MLS...