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Real estate domain-name auction fizzles

'' addresses still for sale

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An auction of 2,600 real estate-related Web site domain names was called off before it could begin Thursday, after auctioneers determined that the few bidders who showed up weren't prepared to open bidding at the reserve price."They knew from the bidders in the room, they wouldn't start at the reserve, and that's when they decided to move to the next step" -- private negotiations, said Craig Harrison, the Colorado-based real estate broker who registered the domains more than 10 years.Harrison declined to reveal the reserve price. But he said the auction generated considerable interest in the domains. Negotiations will continue with potential buyers, and Harrison said he also has the option of pursuing "a multitude of joint venture" offers.The setting for the auction was the ritzy Fairmont hotel in San Francisco, with the venerable Alabama-based J.P. King Auction Co. handling the bidding.Harrison said publicity for the auction generated 300,000 e-mails and 5,000 visi...