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List price isn’t the ‘real price’

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When I was a kid, my parents (as all good parents do) did something that embarrassed me on a regular basis. My Dad's particular recipe for mortification was his insistence on negotiating prices -- everywhere and on everything. In fact, I distinctly remember trying to disappear once when he was trying to work the guy in the electronics department at Sears down on the price for our big-screen TV. Fast forward 20 years and, like all good children, I have become my father's daughter. In my daily shopping life, especially on big-ticket items, I consider the price-tag price akin to the speed limit: a good jumping off point for a discussion of what price I'm really going to pay. In fact, I distinctly remember having a flashback when I was working the Sears electronics guy down on my TV, too! It's not that either my Dad or I are cheap; I prefer to look at it as though we've had a lifelong feedback loop to the effect that there is virtually always room to come down from the list pri...