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Real estate pedal pushers wheel and deal

Agents, clients tour homes by bike

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Catching on to a burgeoning green trend, some real estate agents are traveling to for-sale homes on two wheels, and bringing their green-minded clients with them. Scores of real estate professionals are now adopting this environmentally friendly approach to house tours. While it can take longer to get to properties, bike-based tours can give clients a better feel for a neighborhood area and the community at large. Pedal to Properties, a Boulder, Colo.-based real estate company, offers a licensing designation to agents who seek to adopt bike tours as a part of their business plan. "Our goal is to drive less and ride more," said Matt Kolb, a Realtor who started Pedal to Properties. "As our buyers are focusing more and more on their health and the environment, so are we. Each time our clients finish a tour by bike they have one constant response: 'I would not have seen that neighborhood the same way from the backseat of your car.' " The company, which licen...