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Real estate marketing: show vs. tell

'Show 'em whatcha got'

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Real estate agents by their very nature are marketers. Some are quite savvy, while others apparently graduated from the Crazy Eddie School of Marketing. Still others are stuck in the vast middle doing so-so marketing and providing so-so results. But all are marketers to one degree or another. Which explains why real estate's love affair with technology is actually a love affair with new marketing. Social media isn't actually a technological phenomenon. The core technology involved with things like Twitter and Facebook are actually ancient. Blogging did not involve any cutting-edge research into artificial intelligence and nanocircuitry. The focus on building real relationships with real people through online methods is a welcome one, but believe an old gamer when I say that the "Twitterati" have a long way to go to come close to the real human bonds we were building with each other in Everquest back in 2000, and doing it without ever knowing each others' real nam...