Robert's Stories
Not business as usual: Realogy enters the Schneider era
Something has definitely changed, and for the better if you’re Realogy. Not so much if you’re one of its competitors.
Mar 12
Can Coldwell Banker and C21 deliver on their brand promises?
Both franchisors scored big with their most recent moves, and it’s worth talking about them
Mar 5
Gary Keller's Vision Speech: The beginning of the end?
If anyone can prove us wrong, it’s Keller Williams
Feb 28
What the hell is Keller Williams doing?
Some of the language that came out of Anaheim during KW Family Reunion, is, well — confounding
Feb 28
Leadership in real estate: Courage is what we need
The current generation of leaders must be willing and able to ask hard questions and make tough decisions
Feb 14
Notorious R.O.B.'s 7 predictions for 2018: Disco fever
Realogy will transform to 'stay alive,' Redfin gets its groove on and more
Dec 27
The 7 most interesting people in real estate in 2017
Rob Hahn’s picks for the most fascinating leaders in the industry
Dec 19
What do Realtors really want from their MLS?
If members want what they say they want, then realtor.MLS is a no-brainer solution
Nov 17