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A real estate career is one of excitement and intrigue. The work is highly personal and can be intensely satisfying. At the same time it can present deep challenges -- challenges associated with conquering new technological frontiers and helping to redefine and retool an entire industry. Just kidding. Sure, real estate can be all of those things. But if you are an agent, you know that we spend the majority of our time not on higher-level thinking but bogged down with the mundane. Such has been my week. Not only have I been too busy to find my big thinking cap, I am about ready to stomp on the sucker. This week, I have been too busy playing Builder Bob. We have been hearing it for years. The role of the real estate agent is changing. The naysayers, party poopers intent on ruining our good time, tell us that we are on our way out, an antiquated breed that will soon be following in the footsteps of others who unknowingly took dead-end jobs -- like bank tellers, travel agents, ...