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Design vs. content: Design wins

Prioritize property search, contact form

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On my personal blog I recently wrote about the importance of design, inspired by an excerpt from Alan Webber's book, "Rules of Thumb," posted on @Issue, an online journal. Alan Webber is the co-founder of Fast Company, and a veteran within the design industry. In brief, Webber sets forth the proposition that competitiveness in the modern era is based on design, and that good design is merely table stakes while great design is required to win at business. As a result of that post, I've had e-mails and direct messages on Twitter that raise a related question: If you had to choose between design and content, which do you prioritize? It's a great question, and a critical one, especially for real estate. The current thinking is that Realtors should embrace content, above all, for three reasons. First, content means better search-engine optimization. Second, content means establishing yourself as a local expert. And third, content keeps visitors on a site longer. Seems...