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Realtor Notebook

Last week I received an e-mail from a colleague in another state asking me if I know a certain social media speaker and if I would hire him. The person who sent the e-mail indicated that there are many "social media experts" and that she had no way of knowing if they knew their stuff. She is right. It seems like everyone is an expert. A real estate agent or consultant sets up a Twitter account and after a couple of weeks begins dispensing advice on how to use Twitter. It is the same with Facebook and blogging. With blogging there is a kind of cycle. The blogger starts a blog and within six to eight weeks some become experts and start writing about blogging. I believe they take this route because they run out of ideas. A year later they cannot be found on the Internet, as they have dabbled in both real estate sales and in blogging and have moved on. I have attended some amazingly bad presentations on social media -- Twitter, in particular -- and I have read some ...