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Applied intelligence: the key to innovation

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At a real estate event in Orange County, I realized that there are problems to which existing technology has the answer. I heard from Realtors and brokers who are dealing with a common problem: "How do I cut through all the clutter and all the noise to reach the people I want to reach?" We live in the Age of Information. Our problem today is not the lack of information, but the overload of information. Go on vacation for a couple of days and you know that you can expect to return to hundreds of e-mails in your inbox. Smart phones are supposed to make it easier for us to stay on top of that flood of information, but in reality, we're now overwhelmed at home as well as at the office, at night as well as during the day. Throw in blogs, Twitter, the hundreds of Facebook profile updates, phone calls, catalogs, magazines, 24-hour cable news and everything else, and each and every single one of us is swimming in an ocean of information. What I realized is that there is p...