Parking perks for disabled tenants

Rent it Right

Q: We just rented an apartment in a condominium complex. We chose it because it’s accessible for my wife, who uses a wheelchair. We were amazed when the condo owners’ association told us that we cannot have a close-in parking spot for our exclusive use. Instead, they’re suggesting we use a visitor’s spot, which is wheelchair accessible, for pick-up and drop-off, and park permanently in the unit’s designated spot. This spot is far away, on a slope, and next to a pillar — totally unsuited for wheelchair use. Is this legal? –Tom and Sally G.

A: If you were renting in an apartment complex, the answer would be a sure and swift "no!" Apartment communities must give disabled tenants close-in parking if they need it in order to live comfortably and safely on the property. This rule will trump any policies to the contrary, such as a "first-come, first-served" approach to allocating parking spots.