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Transparency vs. privacy

Realtor Notebook

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The word transparency has taken on a new meaning. It used to mean being honest and giving out all the information we can. These days I read blogs where the writer feels compelled to explain personal details of his or her life and calls it transparency. If transparency is announcing on the Internet that I had minor surgery, or that someone in my family is going through foreclosure or has died, then I guess transparency isn't for me. Both Twitter and Facebook ask for status updates. Letting everyone know what we are doing and when we are doing it has become very popular. There are people in my Twitter stream who are on Twitter and Facebook the entire time they are on vacation -- sharing every detail of it. They upload their photos and broadcast them on the Internet. Their vacation is shared with thousands, complete with family photos. Vacations seem to be stressful for some folks if they can't get a signal for their electronic doodads to give us all updates. I get a mental...