Desperately seeking real estate status

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It is said that marriage is a public statement of two individuals' commitment to each other. (This supposedly explains the need for witnesses -- though in my crowd, nuptial attendees view their job description as limited to eating, drinking and merrily gifting Crate & Barrel place settings.) In terms of life steps and commitments, a close second to getting hitched is getting housed -- buying and owning a home. This begs the question: What does your house say about you? More importantly, how do buyers and homeowners consider the "public statement" factor, if at all, when they are choosing and customizing their homes? In my experience, some buyers do and some don't take what their circle will think into account during the house hunt and inevitable post-closing remodeling process. An evolutionary economics book I read recently posited most modern buying behavior in terms of status-seeking, and this certainly comes up occasionally with homebuyers.In my area, thou...