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Property portals: Expect casualties

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Editor's note: This item is republished with permission from Global Edge Marketing Ltd. The original post can be viewed here. When the boom years return to the overseas property market, the Internet landscape will have changed drastically. Nobody will mourn the death of the one-man-band overseas property portal. Scale always wins and history never remembers who came second. Consolidation is inevitable and the overseas property portal market of the future will be dominated by a smaller number of larger sites and lead-generation networks. Only the biggest brands will be able to charge monthly fees, and their pricing power will be chipped away at by Google real estate as it seeks to eat their lunch. The overseas property portal as we know it today may soon be dead. In its place, there are likely to be four groups: Large lead-generation networks -- networks of overseas property portals that allow agents a single point of access to many portalsLarge country portals offering mark...