Debunking the real estate cartel

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The real estate nonfiction book genre should be broken down into two subsets: (a) how-to and (b) who-caused-it bubble-burst re-enactments. Books in the latter category aren't pure nonfiction, though, in my experience.Sprinkled throughout you'll usually find some of the more persistent, pervasive and, in my opinion, fictional (at worst) or exaggerated (at best) tales of real estate industry conspiracies. I realize that there have been individual instances of agents and mortgage brokers, inspectors and appraisers joining forces in an evil marriage to take advantage of the little guy. But I've read more than one book recently that flat-out accuses real estate professionals who have a preferred list of service providers of forming a profit-fluffing, consumer-exploiting real estate cartel.And that is simply not an accurate representative of why the average real estate agent prefers that their clients work with mortgage, escrow, inspection and even appraisal professionals the a...