The $4,500 loan mod that couldn’t

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Q: This isn't about a home sale exactly, but I hope you'll look at my situation anyway. I hired a loan modification company that had a very good reputation. (I'm not behind on my mortgage payments, but I wanted to have my lender extend my 5-year adjustable-rate mortgage to a 30-year-fixed.) I was very wary of getting scammed, so I asked my mortgage broker -- who has worked with my family for decades -- to refer me to a company.The company seemed legitimate. It was associated with a law firm, and offered to give me a full refund if it couldn't get my loan modified. My boyfriend is an attorney, so he made sure my contract stated that the company would put my money in a trust account until they completed the loan modification. Now, five months have passed. My lender told me six weeks ago that my application was rejected, and notified my loan mod company at that time. I called the company's attorney and he offered to finish the modification for me if I would pay him another $1...