Misguided by ‘media market mania’

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I awoke one recent morning to the news of the results of a hot-off-the-presses Pew study: 63 percent of Americans polled believe that media news stories are often inaccurate. Sixty percent feel the media is biased in its reporting, and 74 percent said news organizations tend to favor one side in their dealings with social and political issues. Call me a cynic, but this public sentiment seems neither surprising nor off-base to me. Keeping in mind that I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, the land where alternative viewpoints are the norm, I see myself as more of a realist than a skeptic or conspiracy theorist when it comes to the mainstream corporate media and their inclination to slant stories. To my mind, the media is in the business of grabbing eyeballs, which has, historically, been more effectively executed with drama, frenzy and fear than through "all calming, good news, all the time."I see it as neither bad nor good -- it just is. And if you don't like it...