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Facebook app promotes property listings

But what about Google juice?

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CenterStage for Real Estate Agents, at, is an application to share property listings information on Facebook. One of their stated benefits is to "increase your search engine visibility." All sorts of flags go up in my head at this point and here's why: Most popular search engines, like Google, don't have a site-wide login for Facebook. This means that activity on Facebook is mostly invisible to Google. Google, Bing and other search engines can't log in to Facebook and look at the apps on your Facebook profile any more than someone without a Facebook account can. That caveat out of the way, CenterStage looks promising for spreading property listings information on Facebook. If you aren't using Facebook, then CenterStage is a no-go. Though perhaps you could use it to jump-start a Facebook campaign. Here's how it works: You sign up for the service and then manually enter property listings information. There are preset fields for your listings that cont...