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'Disease of sameness' infects real estate industry

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We start today's column with a visualization exercise. So sit back, relax, close your eyes (well, in just a moment, as this requires that you stop reading), and think about a single word. Ready? OK. What one word describes your brand? You may now close your eyes and begin the reflection. Come on back when you're done. Done already? If you belong to one of the major brands, like RE/MAX, Century 21, or Keller Williams, I hope (and the various executives at those brands hope) that you answered with your brand's tagline. For example, if you're a RE/MAX agent, hopefully the one word was "Outstanding." If you're with Century 21 ... um ... I don't know since there's no tagline on any marketing material I could find. If you're with Keller Williams, I guess it must be "Different"? If you're with an independent shop, you have your own message, right? For example, if you're Jay Thompson, renowned Internet Realtor, then your word is probably "Technology."...