Buyer stuck with convicts next door

Home Sale Hindsight

Q: I live in a gated community of upscale, luxury homes. I bought my house directly from the builder, brand-new about two years ago. Our homeowners association (HOA) is just getting up and running, as the development gets close to being sold out.

Recently, my neighbor discovered on the Web that a sex offender was registered as living in the house next door to me. We did some research with the county and found out that the house has been converted into something similar to a halfway house for convicted sex and other violent offenders! So, now there are 10 men living there who all have criminal records (it’s a five-bedroom house). I’m retired, so I feel like I’m trapped behind the gates with these guys all day every day, plus there are kids in a lot of these houses, and I’m fearful something very bad might happen.