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"Speed kills ... except for real estate." --Anonymous People are using Twitter to share their experiences. They are also using it for crowdsourcing: posing questions and problems to a group of people. They are hoping for a quick and useful reply. They tweet (post on Twitter) for advice. They tweet for referrals. They tweet for real estate advice. Yes, they tweet that they are looking for homes ... and Realtors. No kidding. So, how do you find these folks? Here are some tools to help real estate professionals find them quickly and with little effort. 1. DemandSpot is a Twitter real estate search tool designed to help folks find buyers (and sellers). Simply enter a geographic area, a search radius up to 200 miles, and select a real estate keyword from a list. DemandSpot will return tweets that contain those keywords, together with the link to the person who tweeted it. Here is a result I found in the New York area, searching under the "condo" keyword:...