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5 reasons you don’t need Web analytics

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That's right. I'm going to change my tune and tell you why you don't need Web analytics on your site. If you, your site or your online marketing fit any or all of the following profiles, feel free to ignore your Web stats and never again worry about a unique visitor, bounce rate or goal conversion. 1. Your site is about personal expression Is your site primarily about you, your brand, what your company does, or how you do what you do really well? The only time you mention someone other than your company is to say how much better you are than that other someone? Congratulations, Web analytics probably isn't for you. You see, Web analytics is going to tell you about other people, the people who come to your Web site looking to buy or sell some property. Spending all that time reviewing your Web analytics (instead of, for example, writing a blog post about yourself) will tell you only what these potential customers were doing just before they got to your site. It might al...