Get real about pricing

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Thinking of listing your home for sale? Don't be surprised if you're in for a little "tough love." Though they may claim they're in the minority within the industry, some real estate agents say they're finding themselves talking increasingly bluntly to clients, advising them that it's time -- maybe way past time -- to get real about pricing. That is, they're telling home sellers from the get-go, even at the risk of losing the listing, that "experimenting" with their dream price would be a waste of everybody's time because the generally slow market just won't bear it. It's an attitude that is recognizable in the form of Mike Aubrey, the North Potomac, Md., agent who each week tries to knock some pricing sobriety into sellers on HGTV's "Real Estate Intervention." Coming across as part real estate therapist, part hard-boiled cop, Aubrey walks the owners of languishing listings through just-sold comparable properties and active listings in an effo...