Double-digit mortgage rates on horizon?

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At a recent real estate conference, I found myself standing next to Richard Williams, a Century 21 Realtor from the Atlanta area, who had founded something called Clickit Inc., which provides flat-fee pricing for sales and listings. I would say we chatted, but Williams is a born raconteur and I mostly just listened. After a while, a young man from New York joined us and in the course of the shifting conversation, the Big Apple dude wistfully noted he was renting an apartment but considering buying a condo. Williams turned his attention to the young fellow. "Now is the time to buy," he exclaimed. The reason for Williams' emphasis on buying now? Was it because housing prices had gotten so low that good deals were everywhere? Actually, no. Williams strongly suggested to the New Yorker he should make his investment sometime this year as expectations are that interest rates were bound to rise and wouldn't stop climbing until they hit double digits. That would make any...