Best way for trio to hold title

Ownership, occupancy rights upon death are key issues

DEAR BENNY: I live in Iowa, while my sister and her husband live in Florida. We want to buy a home together in Florida. They will pay for 50 percent of the home and I will pay for 50 percent. We will all be listed on the deed. What is the best way to hold title to the property? It is our intent that should any of the parties involved die, anyone left should have a right to live there for the balance of their life. What is the best way to designate how the property transfers upon the death of the last party involved? –Mickey

DEAR MICKEY: I don’t practice law in Florida, so my answer has to be general in nature. You should consult with a local attorney in that state. Oversimplified, I recommend that title be held as follows: sister and her husband as tenants by the entirety as to half of the property and as tenants in common with you as to your half.