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Social media: quantity or quality?

While platforms differ, business plan remains the same

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Whether you are a social networking newbie or a social media maven, one of the most important decisions you will make is quantity vs. quality. When it comes to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, how you decide to manage your network of contacts can have a profound influence on your business. For real estate professionals, is it best to have a huge network of friends and followers? Or is it better to focus on establishing a smaller, quality database? Before the advent of social media, many real estate trainers suggested that you build a referral database of 200 contacts. The strategy was to constantly upgrade the quality of this database. Once you reached 200 people, every time you added someone you would drop whoever was the least likely to support your business by sending you a referral. The approach was to constantly upgrade the list for quality. The exact opposite approach seems to be playing out on Facebook and Twitter. There are numerous Twitter applications that promise ...