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A search index for the distributed Web

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The distributed Web is here: blogs and guest posts scattered throughout the Web; comments on all of those posts; Twitter posts; content-specific networks like Flickr and YouTube; and so on. As you participate and engage with your audience on sites that you don't own, your content and thoughts become literally scattered. Lijit ( is a tool that indexes your content and surfaces it to site visitors by way of a widget (yes, they stick with their naming convention and call it a "wijit"). So if you want to provide your audience with a way to search through all the stuff you've posted or commented this tool might be just the thing. For those engaged in an active "spoke-and-hub" social media strategy, where your primary business site is the hub and you maintain embassies or outposts on other sites (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, other blogs, YouTube, etc.), the Lijit widget provides you with a centralized method to search both your primary site and all...