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Branding: just another buzzword

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McDonald's is a great example of a brand. The company has a logo that most 2-year-olds can easily identify and I can't imagine that there is anyone in the country who doesn't know what a McDonald's restaurant is. Most people don't need to "trust" the brand to buy a burger; it is just a burger, not a major purchase that will have an impact that lasts longer than a couple of hours. When it comes to services, like the services that a real estate agent offers, I refuse to believe that people do business with a brand. I think they list their homes with people they know, not with brands. If people did business with a brand I would be out of business, as I work with a brand that is very small and not well known. The people who find me through the Internet usually can't even tell me which site they visited. The blog is the closest thing I have to a brand, but if I asked my clients what the name of it is I doubt they would remember. Brands are impersonal, yet we talk...