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Real estate top performers’ tips

7 key ingredients involved

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In real estate, there is no single recipe for success. Nevertheless, if you examine the characteristics of top-producing agents, there is a consistent pattern linked to their success. Do you know the secret recipes that are associated with success in virtually every type of sale? If not, here's what most top performers know that can help you in your business. 1. Write down your goals Do you have a written business plan with specific goals? If so, you are part of a select group of about 3 percent of all salespeople. This select group represents the top salespeople who are doing the bulk of the business in real estate. If you don't already have a written set of goals, take immediate steps to create a short list of the income you would like to earn, the number of transactions you will need to close deals to make that income, and the share of closed deals that will result from listings vs. buyer sales. 2. Two secrets that make written goals a reality A piece of paper with n...