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6 tips to better real estate photos

Fixing image problems is key

Ashley Myers collects bad photography. Specifically, she collects bad real estate photos -- the ones that seem to go out of their way to make a home unappealing to would-be buyers. To make her point on her blog on the networking site for real estate agents, Myers easily drums up half a dozen offenders culled from her local multiple listing service in Richardson, Texas: pictures that emphasize garish furniture instead of the room it's in.Fuzzy snaps of unremarkable bathroom vanities. Cloudy rooms -- photographed at night -- that are so underlit that one strains to discern such hard-to-miss features as a fireplace mantle. And that's just the technical quality of the photography: Real estate sites abound in rooms with partially made beds and floors strewn with socks or kitchens where the garbage overflows the cans. "There are so many things real estate agents do" that sabotage the photographs of their own listings, says Myers. "I guess the two w...