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15 best iPhone apps for mobile agents

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1. Vlingo. Since real estate agents do a lot of driving, using your voice -- instead of your fingers -- to search the Web, compose an e-mail, text message or take notes is useful (and safer). Vlingo lets you do this with your voice. You can even send tweets to Twitter and update your Facebook. Oh yeah, use Vlingo to call anyone in your phone book. Simply press a button and talk. Vlingo does the rest. My favorite. 2. Home Tracker. You've seen a lot of homes and it can make your head spin. Home Tracker keeps track for you. Store information on each property such as address, ZIP code, price and size; add notes; take photos; rate the property condition, location and appeal; star your favorites; map the property; and best of all, e-mail the summary of home tours to your clients. 3. Smarter Agent Homes for Sale. Covering 300 markets, it uses the iPhone's location-aware capability to find homes for sale in your immediate area. Map the results and get directions to each listing. Y...