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Shorter URLs and real estate SEO

Real Estate Tech Review: Third-party vs. YOURLS

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One of the tricky parts about using social networking sites for marketing your real estate business is that you don't make the rules about how they work. For example, one of the most ubiquitous features of social networking sites is "status updates." These are blurbs of text that tend to be updated frequently and let the rest of the social network know what you're up to. The length of status updates tends to be limited, usually 140 characters. This is great, except when you want to publicize a link via your status update. Let's look at how two powerful marketing tactics can collide and then use a tool to do something about it. SEO vs. the status update If you've been doing a thorough job of search-engine optimization on your Web site then Web addresses for your pages look something like this: "" and your pages don't have Web addresses that look like this: "