Debt collectors must play by rules

Law of the Land

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In the case Edwards v. Niagara Credit Solutions Inc., debtor Brenda Edwards owed money to creditor Consumer Shopping Network. The creditor retained Niagara Credit Solutions, a collection agency, to recoup the money owed by Edwards. A collection agency calls and writes debtors to collect debts, and is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Niagara Credit Solutions was found to have made more than 12 calls to Edwards over a four-month period, leaving voice messages when she failed to answer. Each message stated the debtor's name, the name of the individual calling, the phone number to which the return call should be made and an account number to reference.The court found that not one of the messages mentioned that the call was being made by a debt collector, nor did they mention the collection agency's name. Niagara's policy was to not mention debt collection in voicemail messages, lest the message be picked up by a third party. The FDCPA requires that all...