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The runaway real estate bus

Letters From the Home Front

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Stop the bus. I want to get off. I find myself having a moment like this at least once a month, a moment where it all starts to feel just a smidge overwhelming. This morning I was having yet another anxiety attack, and I blame it on my feed reader. There were the links to the approximate 6,800 articles on the extension of the homebuyer tax credit, of course. Sadly, none of them came from my own blog -- I've been busy. There were the tomes on how to write and how not to write, and there were dozens of posts on new technology, social media and mortgage rates. Information on changing FHA guidelines and market trends also cluttered my screen, as did reviews of new stuff I needed yesterday like Google Wave, Microsoft's Windows 7, and this slick handheld device called the Droid. And then there was the news of the National Association of Realtors' new Realtors Property Resource. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't entirely grasped the significance of this one. As is the case with s...