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Everyone is No. 1?

The Wheel Estate Cam, Episode 3

Episode 3: Frank Borges LLosa of in Arlington, Va., talks about the numbers game some agents play in describing how they rank among other agents. It's common to hear agents describe themselves as No. 1, LLosa said, though because so many agents use the "No. 1" to market themselves it has diluted the value of such statements.LLosa suggests a uniform way to measure agents against one another: how much money they actually take home rather than the number of sales or total dollar value of homes sold. Comment below to share your thoughts. Watch past episodes of the Wheel Estate Cam.Frank Borges LLosa is the broker, founder and owner of, a real estate brokerage in Falls Church, Va. He is the creator of the Trust Me I'm a Realtor blog and multiple listing service wiki site You can follow him on Twitter: @franklyrealty. *** What's your opinion? Leave your comments below or send a letter to the editor.  ...