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10 ways to get more from Gmail

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If you spend a lot of time in e-mail (and hate that you do), try using Gmail, which is continually adding new features to make your digital life more manageable. The following is a list of my favorite features, most of which are enabled from "Settings" or "Labs." 1. Import e-mail (Mail Fetcher). You can import e-mail from up to five other e-mail accounts into your Gmail. They will be labeled in your Inbox and you can send a reply from those accounts directly from Gmail. Since you can leave a copy at the source, you can access e-mail from the other account as well and have a backup. 2. Custom Signature. Your custom signature will be appended to the end of all outgoing messages. Create it at the "General" tab under "Settings." You can add links and images simply by inserting the HTML code. (Tip: will automatically add your latest blog post title (with link) after your Gmail signature) 3. Filter mail. A great organization t...