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8 real estate success strategies for 2010

Make shift from salesperson to leader

This is the time of year when trainers and speakers remind you that in order to succeed, you need a business plan. What most fail to provide you with, however, are the foundational pieces upon which true real estate success is created. Recently, I was introduced to Ralph Williams. Williams spent 18 years as a touring musician plus another 30 years as a speaker, consultant, and coach for the real estate industry, private corporations and the U.S. government. He prides himself on "flying under the radar." With no self-promotion, he does 150 speaking gigs a year. Williams maintains that being a salesperson creates a problem for both the customer and the client. "There's no way I can sell you something that you don't want. The current sales model sets up failure for both parties." If the salesperson does not succeed in closing a client on a particular property, then the salesperson is a failure. If the client is manipulated into taking action the client doe...