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The 5 W’s and your Web site

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2010 is around the corner. Real estate companies have known for years that the vast majority of consumers use the Internet. If a real estate agent or broker is not redesigning his Web site right now, he's thinking about redesigning his Web site real soon. And as soon as the Web site is finished and launched, he's probably planning the next one he wants to launch. The Web site can be thought of as the real storefront of the modern real estate practice. There are successful companies in real estate today that have a great Web site but no physical offices. There are none that I know of who have a swank marble-floored office but no Web site. So ... why are so many real estate Web sites so awful? The vast majority of them look like cookie-cutter sites designed by colorblind high school kids back in the late '90s. Even the decent-looking Web sites are bland affairs with odd usability problems all over the place. Granted, there are exceptions, but for the most part real estate Web...