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Craig: Listen and follow through

Craigslist founder talks about police, charity work

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NEW YORK -- Craigslist draws more than 50 million users per day, and more than 1 million new listings per day across 700 cities and 55 countries. For founder Craig Newmark, that means that he often gets involved in some of the more suspect traffic on his site, including real estate-related scams. "I work with the police ... as far as they're concerned I'm available 24/7," Newmark said, in a conversation with Inman News publisher and founder Brad Inman during the Real Estate Connect conference in New York City. In a recent case, a federal agency asked him if he knew there was an ad for plutonium on his site. The case turned out to be benign, however. "Someone got a really stern talking-to from his parents," Newmark said with a smile. He also uses his celebrity for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a veteran rights group that works on getting back pay and accelerating medical claims for veterans, among other things. "I'm a nerd. I'm not r...