The real estate listing, redefined

Perspective: Don't view it as a bait for new business

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Editor's note: The following is a guest essay by Scott Einbinder, a real estate speaker and trainer. The Holy Grail of our industry has been the listing. The control of the inventory is the coveted goal that all brokers strive to achieve. This philosophy, despite all the technology advances, Internet Data Exchange sites, social media and networking strategies, recruiting plans and brick-and-mortar transitions, remains virtually unchanged for most of the practicing brokers. Even the most progressive brokers still remain rooted in the "same ol', same ol'" listing philosophy. Specifically, the listing is still viewed as a sterile, non-personal potential revenue unit, while the truth is that it is something much different. Let's first start with what we call our client's for-sale home: a "listing." The word is derived from decades ago, when homes for sale were placed on a list. Those were the days of the multiple listing service-printed booklets featuring a...