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Profiting in social media ‘link economy’

Know your users: track your links

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One of the phrases that's been used to describe the current phase of online media is "the link economy." The basic concept is that for any content on a Web site to have economic value, it needs to have links pointing at it. As Jeff Jarvis says, content without links is "valueless." Many real estate professionals (at least the ones reading Inman) are familiar with this in terms of search-engine optimization: links to content on your Web site increase the likelihood of your site rising in the battle for position No. 1 on Google. This is the SEO value of links to your content. As more and more real estate marketing activity moves into social media, how do you recognize the value of links? How can you observe the link economy in social media and orient that information with other business initiatives? I've been meaning to write this column forever: Here's how you track and understand if there's value in all those links you're spreading around in social media...