HARP’s unintended consequence

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I always assumed the Obama administration housing platforms such as the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) were intended for people who were having trouble staying in their homes due to sucker mortgages, home devaluations and/or loss of employment. I also inferred from panicky news presentations that the incidents of foreclosures were so vast, numbering in the multimillions, that the banks were having trouble just getting to everyone who needed help. As one e-zine article noted about HARP and loan modifications, "many homeowners have complained that this path of hope is virtually a dead end. Many people are not getting the help they were promised due to specific qualifying criteria and lengthy turnaround times for processing modifications. Unfortunately, the government can't afford to bailout everyone." So, I was very surprised when I picked up my telephone one day in early November and noted a voice-mail message from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage telling me t...