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Work less, make more

Wheel Estate Cam: Episode 12

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Episode 12: Work less, make more? No, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a smart business decision, says Frank LLosa of Frankly Realty, in this latest edition of the Wheel Estate Cam.LLosa says that busy agents sometimes hurt their own business by taking all comers. Instead, he said, agents should strategically turn away business that may not produce the best bang for the buck.It may make sense to turn down business at low price points, or fire problematic clients, or not to take rental-related business, LLosa says. Agents who are very busy may even consider hiking the price point of their services, he said.Watch past episodes of the Wheel Estate Cam.Frank Borges LLosa is the broker, founder and owner of, a real estate brokerage in Falls Church, Va. He is the creator of the Trust Me I'm a Realtor blog and multiple listing service wiki site You can follow him on Twitter: @franklyrealty. *** What's your opinion? Leave your comments below or sen...