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Why it’s not enough to be ‘busy’

Realtor Notebook

What is busy? It is easy to be busy. Why do we admire busy people? Most American adults who are employed are busy; there is nothing special and nothing that should be admired about being busy. I like to go back over my day and look to see what it was that I actually accomplished, that has or will lead to revenue. I could stay busy 16 hours a day without ever working in my business or earning a dime, yet at the same time it would feel like "work." I don't work so that I can stay busy; I work so I can pay the bills. My goal in life is to work the least amount of hours and use them to generate the greatest amount of money. I am not lazy. I work very hard, but I also have time for volunteer work, friends and family because I make the time. There isn't anything that is more valuable than time. Our lives are made up of each moment, and they all add up to a lifetime. It is fairly easy to dedicate every waking moment to business. I know people who seem to live that way. Som...