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House hawker or trusted adviser?

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I was recently at a focus group to test some ad concepts for a client's Web site when one of the participants threw out a joke that got the entire room chuckling:  "Well, if you ask a Realtor, then it's always a good time to buy."  Chalk that reaction up to some of the recent advertising efforts of real estate brokers, agents, and even the National Association of Realtors. Fact is, consumers simply don't trust real estate professionals to tell them the truth when it comes to the critical question of whether they should buy a home or not. And various other companies make it a point to stress how one cannot trust a Realtor when it comes to this question. This video on YouTube is a pretty good example of that message: "Don't ask a real estate agent if you should buy a home. It's like driving into a muffler shop and asking if you need a muffler. The answer will always be yes."  This is a widespread belief among consumers. And as long as this is a wide...