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Are you making a $16M mistake?

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Are you feeling befuddled about trying to get better Web ranking for your real estate site? If so, you're in the best of company.At Real Estate Connect, Vanessa Fox, formerly of Google and Zillow, gave a great talk on what agents and brokers need to do to establish their brand identity online. If the topic seems daunting, it really doesn't need to be. On the other hand, some of the most sophisticated companies in the world have fallen victim to old-school marketing approaches that fail to recognize the basics of Web marketing. One of the worst examples comes from the most valuable brand in the world: Coca-Cola. You may recall the campaign where Classic Coke was going to sue the Diet Coke division for ripping off its product. Coke spent $16 million on that campaign. The videos the company produced drew a great deal of attention, but the campaign didn't link up the ads with specific Web site URLs where consumers could view them with a single click. This campaign also use...